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north Burlington Women's Probus Club

How Do I Log In?

The Member Log-in icon is located at the top right of any page of the website. Click the Member Log-in icon ONCE.

When the log-in pop up shows, enter your email address and password.  If you forgot your password, click "Forgot password".  You will receive a password reset email. Follow the instructions to reset your password and log in again.

If you are on the HOME page, you can also click on the yellow button marked Members Log In.  It will take you to the same place to enter your email and password.

How Do I Change the Information in My Member Profile?

To change your profile, you must already be logged in.  

Click the log-in icon ONCE.  You will see your name in a small box below the icon.  Click the View profile link.  You will see your Profile information.

Press the dark blue EDIT PROFILE button.  You can type over and correct anything appearing in the boxes.  Don't forget to press SAVE when you are done.  You can change your Privacy and Email Preferences by clicking on those tabs and selecting different settings.

How Do I Change My Password?

To change your password, you must already be logged in. Click the log-in icon ONCE.  You will see your name in a small box below the icon.  Click the Change password link to change your password.  It is good practice to change your password periodically.

The password you create must be:

  • Minimum of 7 characters / maximum of 50 characters
  • Any combination of letters, numbers and characters (except spaces)

Your password is case sensitive. It is a good practice to create a strong password to maintain the security of all members' personal information.  A strong password is a mix of uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers and symbols (@, #, $, %, etc.), and the longer it is the stronger it is.  

What Happens after I Log in?

Normally, you will see the MEMBER PAGE which has the schedule of events, news and other information.  But if you have an unpaid invoice, you will be directed to the Invoices and payments tab in your Member Profile.  When you are paying by credit card, please remember to put a space between the sections of your postal code, e.g., L1L 2M2  and not L1L2M1.   Your credit card will be denied otherwise.

How Do I Navigate the Website?

You can navigate to different pages/sections of the website by clicking on any items on the top menu bar (listed horizontally) and sub-menu items (listed vertically when hovering over the top menu item). 

North Burlington Women's PROBUS Club

P.O. Box  91523, Roseland Plaza Outlet

Burlington, ON L7R 3L0

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